We help corporates to create social impact by providing CSR consulting services which include,

  • Formulation of CSR strategies in line with corporate values, corporate CSR policy and CSR bill
  • Implementation of the CSR strategies
  • Social, economic and environmental impact
  • Statutory and other stakeholders reporting
  • Sustained employee engagement through volunteering


social convergence doing CSR activity

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Csr strategy

Out team of experts will work with the employees in your organization identify the solutions develop a plan.

We believe that corporates need to develop a social impact plan just as they develop a business plan. The plan needs to be internalized within the organization. Employee excitement is critical to the success.


We work with the internal champions, senior mgmt. and identify areas of connect and develop a one year and a 3 yr social impact plan.

Social Convergence will be your delivery partner and will bring in project management and program management practices into the implementation. SC will work with NGO or multiple NGO to deliver the impact that was envisaged. We will bring in best of breed project management and manage the various stake holders involved.

Many of the corporates that we have spoken to have between 5 – 15% of the employees who are actively engaged in CSR and other volunteering activities. We will work with corporates to improve the level of engagement within the organisation.

Making Employees an Integral Part of CSR programs and giving them an opportunity to make a difference first-hand.

employee engagement and volunteering by social convergence

Some of our activities will be

  • Understanding the current level of engagement – AS-IS Study
  • Road shows and town hall meetings
  • Exposing employees to the opportunities in volunteering
  • Identifying areas of engagement
  • Develop plans
  • Monitor

employee engagement and volunteering by social convergence

We will develop plans to access the impact made. Social Convergence will generate all the necessary reports that are needed.