Bkf Case Study

bkf is partners of social convergence              

                                              Case Study


Bangalore Kidney Foundation (BKF) pioneered the treatment of renal failure and kidney diseases in the state of Karnataka. The trust was established in 1979 and has evolved to become the nodal centre for providing quality renal health care at affordable costs to patients across demographic profiles and economic strata.


bkf is partners of social convergence


Customer Requirements

BKF asked Social Convergence to help them with the followings:

  • Improve and enhance BFK online personality
  • Enhancing online Fund Raising Profile
  • Social Media Presence and Integration
  • Forums and interactions

The target market for the new website should be donors, Corporate CSRs, urban educated and computer literate people. The website should be a go-to place for people who would like to know more about the issues related to kidney diseases, treatment options, and prevention of the same. The website should be able to quickly inform the visitors on BKF and the great work it has been doing over the years how to get support from the foundation, and how to support the foundation. They should be able to link up with the support groups and give the feedback about their experience.


Social Convergence India Contribution

  • Promote Bangalore Kidney
  • Increase in Donations - Website as a strong advertising tool for the donors and CSR organization to come to the site and then make the decision of becoming a partner of the foundation.
  • Create Awareness about Renal failure – Website as a go to place to find links and material about CKD in both areas Curative and Preventive. Knowledge repository should provide information or links related to Kidney Health, Dialysis, Hypertension, Diabetes etc.
  • Collaboration between patients, Doctors, Donors, Volunteers, Trustees, Family and Friends - Designed the website interactive and engaging. Share success stories about how the foundation has helped people and communities. Discussion forums, blogs and email lists that help bring people with similar problems together.